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“Seek the Goal, forget everything else”

Now days the goal of human life is only to achieve the greatest possible comfort and prominence in the world. If they achieve it, they think their life is successful, otherwise not. You generally find yourselves surrounded with pain and misery and you think that deliverance from them is our main goal. But all of you know when one problem is solved another is ready to be solved as life is a manifestation of mysteries. In mysteries there can be miseries as well as happiness. So there is no way of deliverance of sorrows. Then what should be the goal of human life. I think goal should be to become perfect. Perfection in spiritual as well as materialistic aspect. Spiritual aspect gives you strength to accept the miseries cheerfully and solve them easily because when you are in joyful mood your mind is in balance condition and you think correct and do the right work at every situation. This can be understandable by an example – a normal person lifts 20 Kg bar with difficulty, but when he exercise and eat healthy, developed strength, he can lift 20 Kg bar very easily and cheerfully. The method to strengthen spiritual aspect is meditation. Through meditation your consciousness grows to high levels and you can understand the reality hidden behind every misery and circumstance. Now you can understand why to meditate. You can learn to meditate through Do practical on yourself, feel what you receive and observe the changes in yourself and then accept the truth.
To achieve goals in less time, it’s necessary to focus on the goal. Take an example of a river; if the river is subdivided in many canals, the water flow is very less in the main river and time to reach a destination become very long. The same happens in your life, if your consciousness has set the goal, you can achieve the goal in very less time. But if your mind is diverted in many goals, then it is very hard to reach at your real goal. The art of leading such a life in which your consciousness has set of goal as well as your work of physical life is performed more efficiently can be gained through Heartfulness meditation.

Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari ji

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