Secret of virat kohli’s fitness


Virat Kohli, the most eligible bachelor of India cricket world, has emerged as the most convincing and promising player of Indian team. This Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper surpassed his team-mate Chris Gayle’s record of 733 runs in a single IPL season during his match-winning knock of 75 not out off 51 balls in the 48th match of IPL 2016 against Kolkata Knight Riders on May 16, 2016.

May it be Asia Cup or T-20 World Cup or now IPL, his consistency and impressive performance on the pitch has ensured non-stop victory for Indian team. But what is the secret of his fitness? What does he do and what does he eat to ensure his successful and focused performance match after match? Here are the answers to all your questions


Virat is passionate about cricket. He was hardly nine (born on November 5, 1988) when he joined cricket academy. He first played for Delhi Under-15 team in October 2002 in the 2002–03 Polly Umrigar Trophy and since then never looked back. After representing Delhi at various age-group levels and domestic cricket, Kohli captained India Under-19s to victory at the 2008 Under 19-World Cup in Malaysia. His first ODI debut was on 18 August, 2008 against Sri Lanka. And rest as they say is history. He says “I never thought of anything except cricket.” He made cricket his life and gave it 100% in terms of practice, fitness, discipline, consistency in performance and finally achievements.

virat-kohli_reuters_m3POSITIVITY, COURAGE, DISCIPLINE AND DEDICATION: Virat, the vice captain of Indian cricket team, believes in positivity and tries to spread it among the people around him. He believes that positivity alone can inculcate courage which finally brings consistency and calm. After positivity he places utmost importance on discipline which he follows everywhere. May it be his diet, fitness regime or match practice. His dedication to the game can be gauged from a simple fact that he has abandoned eating several things including sweets to keep himself fit.


Virat-Kohli-Diet-and-Workout2FIVE DAY WORKOUT AND TWO DAY REST: The Casanova of Indian cricket team workout for five days a week non-stop. Remember consistency is the key. No matter what, he doesn’t miss on his work out regime. He does both cardio as well as weights workouts.
He prefers to rest for two days to allow his body to heal, repair and grow. Like workouts, he never takes it lightly either.
When bored with gym, he prefers sports like volleyball. Such games help him build focus, concentration and alertness.

Despite all the wealth and insinuations, Virat shuns all the bad habits like drinking, smoking, late night partying etc. He could easily fall prey to such habits but his dedication for his game keeps him away from indulging into such things. He is indeed one of the most prominent sports celebrities internationally but his focus on the game keeps him firmly grounded. No wonder he is top most scorer of India team which is reflected in his average run rate also which is highest in T-20 World Cup

800x480_IMAGE48477359STRICT DIET

Insiders say that Virat follows strict discipline when it comes to diet. He doesn’t eat sweets, avoids carbohydrates and relies mostly on grills to keep him lean, thin and perky. Unless totally drained out, he doesn’t opt for fast food. Since metabolism is slow during night, he prefers light dinner.

He never forgets to keep himself adequately hydrated and for this purpose he prefers mineral water from best brands

He does not defer cheat days for weekend. Instead he prefer to burn extra calories during work out days only