Things That Make Virat Kohli Great Cricketer: Quotes That Reflect Virat’s Psyche

  1. Doesn’t Budge Under Pressure: “Pressure Is Privilege”
    Virat-Kohli“We have only been speaking about one thing – that being under pressure should be a privilege for sportsmen playing at this level. That’s something the youngsters have picked up well. Some like Chahal, he has played for games lesser than most and he is a wicket or two less than Bhuvi. That speaks of the character that some of these youngsters possess.”

2.Enjoys The Moment : “Come Along And Enjoy The Occasion”

“It’s just about them not getting over-excited, understanding what has given them success. The biggest challenge for IPL – 2016 final for all the players in the side is to not look at the game of cricket as something very different. The end result is something that can make someone nervous or happy or too nervous but that’s what you need to stay away from. You come along and enjoy the occasion, the moment rather than taking in all the pressure.”

3.Remains Composed: “Just Try And Be Normal As Possible”
kohli-pti“What you require is composure. On occasions like this it starts in the dressing room. How you look at the atmosphere on the ground. How excited or nervous you get, whether your heart rate is shooting up before you even start warm-ups, all those things are very very important for a person to understand. And just try and be as normal as possible about things.”

4.Bats For Strenghts: “Back Our Abilities And Play To Our Strenghts”
“We will back our strengths. We were able to turn things around and reach the final because we did not focus much on the other teams. We had sat down and decided to back our abilities and play to our strengths irrespective of the opponents. We played with that mindset for the last 4-5 matches and that is the reason why we could change the situation for ourselves.”
(Virat Kohli made these statements ahead of IPL-2016 final)