Tanmay Bakshi is 12 and Famous. Here’s Why You Should Know His Name

anmay's achievements are so impressive, Twitter cannot stop talking about him. (YouTube)

Most pre-teens usually have only school, sports and friends on their mind. But then again, 12-year-old Tanmay Bakshi from Canada isn’t like most kids his age. A programmer since he was five, Tanmay is one of the youngest app developers in the world. And his address at the IBM DeveloperConnect in Bengaluru on Friday has everyone talking about him.

Trending on Twitter, Tanmay’s talk at the meet details, among other things, his algorithm called ‘AskTanmay,’ described as “the world’s first Web-Based NLQA System, built using IBM Watson’s Cognitive Capabilities.” The eight-step algorithm can apparently solve queries related to a ‘PERSON,’ ‘ORGANIZATION,’ ‘LOCATION,’ or ‘DATE’ answer type.

The young genius, who loves to share his knowledge, began his talk by mentioning his new book and his wishlist, which includes getting said book signed by actor Amitabh Bachchan.


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