Traditional Yoga can cure all the problems: Deepak Thakur

Deepak Thakur

In an exclusive interview with, well known Yoga therapist Deepak Thakur welcomed the Narendra Modi government’s decision to promote Yoga at national and international level. He said that millions of people are already practicing Yoga across the globe irrespective of their colour, creed or religion. But Prime Minister Modi’s efforts at United Nations have really re-ignited world’s enthusiasm in Yoga. It has not only brought succour to distressed humanity, but added to the brand value of India also in a big way.

Here are some excerpts:

OH: Today almost all the gyms run simultaneous Yoga classes. Do you think it’s worthwhile?

DK: Gyms use Yoga as a means to shape or tone body. They mainly use Power Yoga for physical fitness. It helps body to fall in shape as long as it is practiced but it does not offer permanent solution. It is not curative either. If you want permanent solution, especially cure for your diseases, then you must go for traditional Yoga.

OH:  You are practicing Yoga therapy since long. Do you specialise in some area of treatment?

DK: I specialise in Yoga therapy which heals both body and soul. I treat all sorts of patients, but these days I am getting large number of patients with back problems. All day long, they work on computer or mobile, but hardly bother about their posture. They watch TV for hours, but hardly exercise. Gradually their flawed lifestyle and pastures give rise to back problems like ache and Cervical Spondylitis. Initially they consult Allopathic doctors and pop-up pills, but when they don’t get permanent relief, they come to me. I treat them with a holistic approach.

OH: Diabetes is another lifestyle disease. Can Yoga cure that?

DK: Traditional Yoga can certainly help control and manage diabetes over a period of time but quick relief is difficult to achieve. You need at least 15 days of continuous efforts to achieve some visible results. Same is the case with diseases like arthritis and sports injuries.

OH: Today’s competitive lifestyle causes tension and stress. How should one deal with them?

DK: Large numbers of students and IT professionals come to me with stress related problems. Students are naturally worried and anxious about their exams and future prospects but they don’t know how to deal with it, whereas IT professionals come with worries about their unmanageable work-load and cut throat competition at work place.  I teach them meditation, pranayam and some asanas as per their requirement and request them to use their time judiciously.