Small Bite, Big Threats


A small mosquito bite can lead to big threats. Mosquito bite can be deadly as it can causes life threatening diseases such as Malaria, Dengue,Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis, Filariasis and Yellow Fever.

World Mosquito Day is observed on 20thAugust every year globally. This day is in commemoration of Sir Ronald Ross, a doctor by profession, who discovered in 1897, that female mosquitoes transmit malaria amongst humans.
During monsoons mosquitoes find favorable conditions to breed and spread many diseases .There are thousands of species of mosquitoes throughout the world out of which a few are harmful. Male mosquitoes feed on flower’s nectar whereas female mosquitoes feed on human blood for their nutrition and reproduction. While sucking human blood they transmit deadly infectious agents that cause life threatening diseases.

These diseases can be effectively prevented provided each one of us develop awareness and practice these measures. We should also support government initiatives for this cause. A small positive step can prevent such epidemics.

Myths Facts What to do?
Garlic and marmite can save us from mosquito bite This is not true.Garlic and marmite -brewer yeast can not deter mosquitoes Use insect repellent.Cover your arm, legs and sleep under mosquito net to protect yourself.
Anti septic mouthwash repel mosquitoes PAntiseptic mouthwash might give you fresh breath but can not protect you from the bite. Do not rely on mouthwash to put off mosquitos
Mosquito bite We generally use this term ,mosquito bite, but do you know mosquito do not have teeth, so they suck rather than bite. Avoid stagnation of water near by you as such places serve as the breeding ground for mosquitoes
Mosquito dies after bite Female mosquito can bite again and again and thereby transmit malaria from one person to another. Ponds and open spaces where water accumulates should be sprinkled with kerosene oil to prevent breeding of mosquitoes
Mosquito can transmit HIV AIDS Mosquito can infect you from malaria, dengue and chikungunya but not HIV. Water should be removed from articles like coolers, trays behind the fridge , flower pots and broken pitches.
Electric bug zapper are useful to kill mosquitoes Bug zappers are not so useful as they kill only 1% mosquitoes and other biting insects. Use of mosquito net and mosquito repellents is a cost-effective method of prevention.