10 Things To Know About Dipa Karmakar

  1. Karmakar is only the fifth gymnast in history to successfully land the Produnova and score 15.100 (a combination of 7.000 points for difficulty, 8.100 for execution and 0.100 for penalty)Only two of her contemporaries have attempted the Produnova: Yamilet Peña of Dominican Republic and Fadwa Mahmoud of Egypt. None has managed to garner a high of 15.100 in a high-profile competition. 
  2.  The Produnova comprises running full tilt towards the springboard, a jump that is followed by blocking by the hand, swinging the legs into two full rotations while in flight for twin somersaults, and then the all-important frontal landing, which can go wrong and snap the spine in two if unbalanced. 
  3. When the Russian Yelena Produnova made her dismount stick (landed firmly on unbent feet) at the 1999 Universiade Games, it was considered a high-risk manoeuvre, because her famous handspring double front vault could end up in serious spinal injuries. 
  4. However, Karmakar said she was entirely in control of her movements on the vault. She knew about the risks when her coach Bisbeshwar Nandi floated the idea. “She’s always had the speed and strength. I consulted senior coaches because this is a risky vault, but when I asked her, she was confident,” said Nandi. 
  5. Dipa Karmakar has had only one coach–Bisbeshwar Nandi. She began training at the age of 5 and till the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi she was training on irregular sized landing mats. 22-year-old girl from Tripura had qualified for the Olympics in April. She has given her soul into mastering the highly difficult Produnova.  
  6. Daughter of a weightlifting coach, Dipa won five gold medals at the 2015 National Games in Kerala – in individual all-round, table vault, balancing beam, uneven parallel bars and floor exercises – and was one of the top medal winners at the event. 
  7. Later in the year, she won a bronze medal at the Asian Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Japan. Dipa, who has been practicing gymnastics since the age of five, had to train extra hard because she had flat feet.  
  8. As a 14-year-old, she won the Junior Nationals held in Jalpaiguri. Participating in state, national and international championships, Dipa has so far won 77 medals including 67 gold. 
  9. Focused on the sport since the day she saw Ashish Kumar win a medal in Commonwealth Games New Delhi 2010, Dipa trains about eight hours a day in two sessions at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Delhi where she has special equipment 
  10.  Since 2007, Karmakar has won 77 medals including 67 golds, in various competitions (domestic and international).