Delhi boy’s app to fight drug abuse

New Delhi: A Class XII Delhi student has developed a mobile application which will help in fighting drug addiction.
The app, ‘Sehyog’, gives a platform where drug addicts can have a discussion or ask for advice anonymously. The developer, Shagun Goel, felt that an app can have more impact than self help groups now when everyone is hooked to smartphones.
Users of the app will have a Sehyog diary where they can keep a record. It will also ask them for information like whether they relapsed on the day or not, among other things. There will be an information section which will tell users about the effects of drug addiction and how to fight it.
Goel, a technology enthusiast and a student of Delhi Public School, RK Puram, said the idea of the app came to him when he visited his native village near Karnal in Haryana. “I was with my grandparents and we started talking about the movie, Udta Punjab. That’s when I realised that drug abuse was all around me. My curiosity then took me to my close friends in Punjab. That visit changed everything and I started researching on how to deal with the menace”.
“Sehyog aims to aid victims and addicts in recognizing, understanding and fighting the issues that they face anonymously. Registration requires only a username, password and a valid email ID. Even the email is not disclosed to other users,” said Goel.
Courtesy: The Times of India