Can’t go to the gym everyday? Give online wellness programs a chance


Discover the joy of staying fit from the comfort of your home. Give online programs a chance this year.

Here is our pick of programs available throughout January to help you sign up for a healthier, happier you in 2017.

Yoga with Adriene Revolution Programunnamed (2)

Let Yoga with Adriene take you through 31 Days of Yoga to kickstart a new mindful practice this year. (YouTube)

Following the success of her previous Yoga Camp and 30 Days of Yoga programs, popular yoga teacher Adriene Mishler is back to kickstart a new year with a new program on her Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel and website.

Offering an extra day this time around, Revolution is a 31-day program which will help yoga newbies get going with a new practice and yoga experts who have taken a break over the holidays to get back into a new habit. A new video will be released each day throughout January, all varying in length and content but all designed to nurture and nourish both body and mind in the new year and beyond.

Bodyism 12-day Programunnamed (3)

The team behind Bodyism, the group of wellness experts responsible for getting supermodels Lara Stone and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley into shape, are helping the rest of us to also live a healthier lifestyle this year by learning their Bodyism philosophy in less than two weeks.

By signing up to Bodyism’s 12 days of emails you can receive healthy “kitchen must-haves,” nutritious recipes, mindfulness tips, sleep advice and exercise ideas directly into your inbox for some extra help and motivation to kick start your year.

Those wanting to take things a step further can also purchase Bodyism’s 9 Day Detox which includes menu plans, exercise plans, recipes, and a meditation guide as well as a selection of Bodyism supplements, tea, and exercise bands to give an extra boost to your new diet and exercise regime.

Sleek Technique Full Ballerina Body Nutrition Programunnamed (4)