Tips to cure your lateness

From sleep deprivation to miscalculating time, here are a few reasons that make you late. Experts tell you how to change your habit.


unnamed (12)Experts list out 5 reasons why you are always late and what to do to change your habit.

One of the most annoying workplace habits is being perpetually late. Being late can cause havoc in your professional life. It can destroy your professional reputation as it can make you look unprofessional, unreliable and a work shirker. It also creates the impression that you only play by your own rules and you are not a team player. If you have wondered why some people are always late, here are the answers. We got in touch with experts who list out the possible reasons for chronic lateness.

Perception of timeunnamed (13)

Few people perceive time differently. For them, time moves slow.

A study by a psychology professor from San Diego State University, US, Jeff Conte in 2001, suggested that some people have a slow internal clock compared to others. “It means that their perception of time is slow when compared to others. People, for whom time runs slow, need to keep a constant check on their watch to ensure that they don’t get late,” says Dr. Manish Jain, psychiatrist.

Zoned out

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Multi-tasking is one of the major reasons why people zone out.

One of the most common reasons for being late is being zoned out. “Sometimes, when people focus their attention on a particular task, they tend to zone out, losing track of time in that process. If this is the case, then be proactive and set yourself a timer for every task. This will ensure that you only devote the required time for a task and don’t zone out,” says Dr. Anil Sethi, psychologist.

Miscalculating timeunnamed (15)

Don’t trust your internal clock if you miscalculate time.
Some people just have bad judgment about how much time certain tasks will require. For example, while going to office, some people will take a route that has traffic jam thinking they won’t encounter it, only to get late because of it. “These people think that rush hour won’t affect them. They underestimate time. Their internal clock doesn’t work. If this is the case, then don’t trust your internal clock. If your internal clock suggests a time period of 10 minutes for a certain task, then realistically it will take 20 minutes for that task,” states Dr. Jain.

Sleep deprivation

Don’t compromise on your sleep as it can make you disoriented.
The most unknown reason for people being always late is sleep deprivation. “Lack of sleep makes you irritable and prone to error of judgments. And this [also] results in you reaching late to work. Sleep deprivation can also distort your sense of reality. Create a schedule, follow it and sleep on time,” says Dr Jain.

Addicted to the rush

Procrastination also causes chronic lateness.
Some people are late because that’s their set pattern. They get a rush from doing things last minute. “Few people do this intentionally while some do this unintentionally. The rush lasts for a short time. Overall, it’s not healthy as it creates a situation of stress and panic. You might succeed accomplishing tasks last minute few times but not always. Sooner or later, you’ll end up failing spectacularly. If you don’t value time then it won’t value you as well,” states Dr Sethi.
Courtesy: Abhinav Verma, Hindustan Times