Kids with smartphones may spend up to 5 hours daily on devices


Paris: Teen tech users around the world spend up to five hours per day using a smartphone or a computer, according to a survey from security software firm Bitdefender. As kids grow up, time spent online almost doubles.

According to the study, one in seven minors own both a smartphone and a computer. What’s more, the time spent using these devices increases with age, from around three hours per day at age five to around five hours per day by age 17. Note that from age 10, boys spend 30% more time using such devices than girls (around one hour, mainly due to gaming or tech savviness), and from age 12, both girls and boys favor smartphone use over computers.

Children aged 5 to 17 spend on average two hours per day using their computer, while smartphone use increases steadily with age, from one hour per day to more than two hours per day by the time they reach adulthood.