Zumba is the perfect way to reduce those extra kilos you might have put on during the summer break

There is no pre-skill required to participate in a Zumba workout.

Zumba is the perfect way to reduce those extra kilos you might have put on during the summer break. It is a fitness regime that isn’t dull or monotonous as opposed to a routine workout at the gym. Namrata Sinha, a licensed Zumba and Bokwa trainer, and Jyothika Dwarakanath, share a few do’s and don’ts while trying out this rhythmic fitness routine.
These tips will guide you to enjoy this fitness regime that will boost your heartbeat and pump energy levels.

1) Zumba is for every age: There is no pre-skill required. Key for beginners are to keep their hands and feet moving untill they get into the grove. It’s a very easy to follow routine.

2) Dress right: Make sure that you wear the right clothes that provides ease to move freely: Wearing the right kind of footwear is imperative to having a good workout session. Wearing light-weight sneakers will help you with the swift movements and actions.

3) Power up: You should definitely fuel up before your Zumba session but keep that light, may be some fruits and nuts.

4) Don’t judge yourself in your first class: You may go right when others are moving left, and that is just OK. It takes two to three classes to be familiar with the routines. Hold on tight, and be regular to get a hang of the routines.

5) Don’t get floored: While selecting a Zumba class, be extremely careful in choosing soft floors with right level of friction since Zumba involves a lot of bouncing and brisk movements. A wooden floor is your safest bet.

To sum it up, Zumba is your ultimate dance fitness party, and it will give you best results if you follow the above advice.



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