Not just women, men too are opting for botox, be it for concerns like crow’s feet, dark circles or excessive sweating


New Delhi: These days not only women but men are also lining up for grooming sessions. Concerns like crow’s feet, dark circles and excessive sweating make men opt for botox treatment, say experts.

Neha Batra, aesthetic physician, Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics and Madhulika Rustagi, cosmetologist, list down areas of concern for men.

1) One of the most common indications for men is forehead lines and crow’s feet whch can be corrected by botox injections. Men want to look youthful and correction of these lines help in achieving that.

2) Another common indication is frown lines. Men usually abhor these lines as it gives them unpleasant, angry and tired look.

3) Under eye dark circles and their correction by dermal fillers is also a very common aesthetic indication for men.

No shame in going in for botox treatment.
No shame in going in for botox treatment.

4) Hyperhidrosis is another reason men opt for botox. It is excessive sweating of face and underarms, palms and feet. This is of great concern as it doesn’t look nice when you are in a meeting and your face is sweating or your palms are sweaty. Botox helps to reduce this to a great extent. The treatment can be done once in four to five months.

5) Because of the level of stress these days and constant weather issues, many people develop migraine. This can be addressed with botox. It relaxes the muscle. The treatment lasts well for six to eight months.