Can first time sex hurt women?


People may not talk about it openly but everyone wants their first time sex to be magical. However, it may not always be so – there could be some slip-ups.

First time vaginal sex can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful but that’s absolutely normal. Some women may even bleed during first time sex; however it does not happen with everyone. But sometimes it can be painful or discomforting because of lack of information about sex.

Let’s find out about various reasons why sex can hurt:

1) Fear of pain
More than the pain, it is the fear of pain that makes first time sex uncomfortable. There is a lot of hype around first time sex and that makes most women extra wary of the act. And this is where the man should take things in control. A man can indulge in ample foreplay before penetrating the women. Another way is to break the hymen by inserting a finger. Just take it slow.

2) Fear of bleeding
Women are often told that it is important for them to bleed during first time sex. This is a misguided notion. It is not necessary for a woman to bleed during first time sex. The thin membrane called hymen can break during physical activity such as running or masturbation. So it is important for the woman not to worry too much about bleeding.

3) You are not lubricated enough
Foreplay is extremely important. Make sure your man pleases you before he does the final act. This will help you get well lubricated and will make the penetration smoother. If you are not wet down there, sex will get extremely painful. Some people also try lubricants to ensure better penetration.

4) He is penetrating too harshly
Once the man is inside of you, ask him to go nice and slow. If he is thrusting too harshly, it is normal to feel acute discomfort. Hence, it is important for you to let him know what is causing you pain.

If you are not calm mentally, you will not enjoy the act and if you don’t enjoy the act, the penetration will be tough. So take time to indulge in sex and make sure you feel emotionally and physically connected to your partner.

The best part about sex is that the more you experience it, the easier it gets (and enjoyable too). However, if it still feels painful, it’s better to consult a gynecologist.

Courtesy: The Times of India