Here’s how you can feel healthier in a month, according to science


There are a lot of life hacks floating around on the internet – detox in a day, feel healthy in hours, lose 2 kg in a week. While these promises may seem tempting, they simply won’t give you long-term results. And to be happy in life you need to follow a sustainable feel good plan.

But there are some habits that will help you get healthier and fitter in a month. The only thing you need to do is follow these habits for 30 days.

Get moving
The easiest way to boost happiness and feel good instantly is by moving. Even one minute of intense, all-out exercise done regularly can improve your fitness level. Becoming physically active changes your body quickly and even decreases the risk of death.

In fact scientists say that it doesn’t really matter what kind of workout you do, just get moving. Recent research from McMaster University found that a set of three 20-second bursts of all-out vigorous exercise can improve a person’s fitness by 20% in three months.

Cut back on salty processed foods
You may have heard a lot of people tell you to eat clean. But what does it really mean? Simply put, eating clean means cutting out junk, processed foods or anything that comes from a packet out of your life. Instead of salty snacks, add whole foods like bananas and avocados into your diet.

Try using other flavour boosters instead of salt. You can use lemon juice, herbs and spices to add flavour. Also, best to avoid products with added salt.

Get better sleep
Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep can make people accident-prone. It can also increase your odds of getting sick or add to your stress. Bad sleep is also linked with cancer. The World Health Organization warns that messing with your sleep schedule by working the night shift is probably carcinogenic.

Drink plenty of water
Our body is made of 70% water. Thus, it’s no surprise that water is extremely beneficial to our body. Getting enough water in your body ensures that your body is able to flush out impurities, keep you energised and help pump more blood. A 2016 study found that those who drank more water were consistently more satisfied and ate fewer calories on a daily basis. Those people also consumed lower amounts of sugar, fat, salt, and cholesterol than more dehydrated participants.

Try meditation
If you’re looking to reduce stress, meditation is the best way to do that. Though there’s no study that conclusively claims that meditation is good, there are many instances of people experiencing an immediate reduction in anxiety and stress.

Courtesy: The Hindustan Times