5 foods you should not eat before having sex


Our libido is affected by a variety of factors such as stress, work, financial status, diet and exercise. One very important feature which influences your sex drive is your diet, which we can easily control over time.

However, though we cannot always control what we eat, we can definitely ensure that on the day of a date or the night before a date once can surely be mindful of what you are eating. Certain foods which can cause a dip in your sex drive should definitely be avoided. Following are a list of food items which you should avoid if you plan to get intimate or have a night out with your partner:

1. Beans
Although beans are full of energy and a filling meal; the after effects include bloating, feeling sluggish and also an increase in your flatulence levels.

2. Energy drinks
Energy drinks in general are not good since they contain artificial sweeteners and are full of sugar, which could give you a boost in the short run, but are very harmful for you in the long run.

3. French fries
Since French fries are fried, they’re obviously not good for health, but at the same time, excess consumption could lead to lowering of testosterone and decrease blood circulation.

4. Mint
Certain studies have proved that the menthol present in peppermint can reduce testosterone levels, hence lowering your sex drive. Of course, if bad breath is what you’re scared of and a date is around the corner, do pop that chewing gum. All we’re saying is that nothing is good in excess.

5. Cheese
Dairy products in general are libido killers. This is why it is better to avoid cheese as you aren’t going to be feeling very high on passion after having it.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times